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Restoring fear (or sanity)

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert’s Rally to Restore Fear/Sanity drew an estimated 215,000 people to the nation’s capital yesterday.  Numbers were released from the same aerial-photo company, AirPhotosLive, that said only 87,000 ralliers attended Glenn Beck’s party. Notable signs from … Continue reading

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True story

For starters, the Faurot Field 30 have been wholly exonerated.  Police will not pursue trespassing charges against the group of students randomly arrested among thousands on the football field last Saturday after Mizzou’s Homecoming win against #1 Oklahoma.  I am … Continue reading

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Honorific and not so much

Recipients of the 2010 Missouri Honor Medals were at MU today to hold court for all the aspiring world changers here in Columbia. Sandy Rowe, current Knight Fellow at Harvard University “There is no doubt of the absolute necessity of … Continue reading

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A jumble of good fun today. • From the RJI blog, a discussion of Opportunistic Discovery of Information (ODI).  The argument goes that in our rapid, mad-dash haste to projectile-launch anything and everything online, journalism needs to find that magic … Continue reading

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Ville de Lumière

I have never read the Paris Review.  I actually had never heard of it until Berkley sent us an email about it yesterday. Apparently the publication famously interviews writers on the process of writing.  The Paris Review has now released … Continue reading

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