A funny creek, or a Brooker

Charlie Brooker is funny.

Sometimes crude, sometimes rough on the edges, but funny.

Especially when it comes to analyzing American media.

Brooker, a Brit, created a fantastic piece breaking down the standard news package format traditionally used for American TV.

“How to Report the News” is exemplary Brooker wit and biting style.  I would call his comedy “acerbic,” but that is one $20 term I absolutely hate, or in other words, loathe.  A fleeting expletive occurs in the first half-minute, so don’t watch it at work with the speakers blaring.

When it comes to partisan politics, Brooker is at his best.  YouTube (yes, it’s a verb) “Charlie Brooker on American News Media.”  I won’t link it due to the profanity-laden clip from Bill O’Reilly’s infamous Inside Edition rant.

In the video, Brooker’s not sold on the GOP, throwing in digs at the “fair and balanced newsmen” of Fox and describing the conservative talk shows as underdogs.

“Although it’s a curious kind of underdoggery,” Brooker muses, “where they complain about liberal bias in the media one moment, then brag about their cable dominance the next.”

But the donkey talking heads don’t escape unscathed, as Brooker crowns Keith Olbermann as the “silver-haired Captain Serious” with an “absurd sense of drama.”

Politics can be wearisome, but political media is unbearable in recent months.  I’ll stick with the Aristotelian middle, and laugh at both sides.

And Charlie Brooker.

[turn to camera 2]

In related news, researchers have discovered the end of the Internet. That’s right folks, the last page on the last site.  Ever.

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