Library, Blackberry, Derryberry

Here’s one path of logic: video games are fun and news is not.

NCAA Football vs. midterm elections

Call of Duty vs. Mid East peace talks

Halo vs. jobless claims

But increasingly, games are being integrated into – brace yourself – journalism.

It’s a skill to successfully pull these off, like the attention to detail required for an outstanding multimedia piece or video.

Wired ran a story a year ago about the Somali pirates that included the game “Cutthroat Capitalism.”

I’d love to see more content like this.  Can you imagine the impact news could have if people my age and younger could pull up informational games on the Xbox dashboard each morning.  The gaming collections of the day’s news could resemble an internet portal page like MSN or Yahoo!

Newsgames: Journalism at Play, to be released in October, argues that this sort of online gaming experience can and will become more common.

MU proves it’s once again on the teeth of the saw by hosting Anne Derryberry as an RJI fellow this year.

Derryberry has some serious creds.  Among other accomplishments, she spearheaded the infrastructure behind Norway’s (yea, the country) national learning network.

She’s pushing for these games to not only be used in journalism, but to actually be incorporated into the journalistic process of gathering information and reporting stories.

As an advocate with a wealth of varied background experiences, she’s leading a charge to get these “serious games” into classrooms.

Games as teaching tools.  Yes.  We silly Americans are behind the curve.  E-learning has already been picked up around the world with success.

Grab your Xbox controller and get busy.

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