Find the janitor

True Tigers – not the False Tigers – held an alumni networking event last night.  Speed networking actually.  Twenty minutes to a table, four table total, plus hors d’oeuvres (what an interesting word).

Cookies and iced tea, too.

This is not a transcript, but some highlights are noteworthy.

“I see an employee in the hall, ask him what he thinks, and he says, ‘I don’t have any opinion on that.’  I’m thinking, ‘What good are you to me?’  You constantly have to think about what can be changed and improved.”

“I’ve asked interviewees, ‘How have you been creative?’  You need to be able to apply creative, outside-the-box solutions in most any situation.  One teacher I knew taught kids to spell and multiply as they jumped rope.”

“Take all the public speaking classes you can.  If you can speak, you’ll get in anywhere.”

“You need to be friendly to everyone, but you don’t necessarily have to be friends.”

“A degree is a springboard, not the end-all, be-all.  It shouldn’t limit you or confine you.  It only opens the door.”

“If you are in an interview, ask what the culture is like.  Sometimes you’ll spend more time at your work than at your home.  You need to be sure you’ll fit with that company.”

“Whenever you start a new job, find the janitor and get to know him or her.”

“You must find balance.  Balance your grade point average with your fun point average.  You need to work hard, but it’s important to have fun.”

Fun point average.  Duly noted.

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