Enjoy an Arnold Palmer and hit the links

Matt Thompson has some creds: former fellow at the RJI, former fellow at the Poynter Institute, former deputy web editor at the Minn. Star Tribune.  His blog’s nutshell is, “Time to stop breaking the news, and start fixing it.”

Paul Graham is the founder of the Y-Combinator, a freakishly successful think-tank that specializes in growing and nurturing start-ups.  Some essays focus strictly on business, but plenty have topics directed to the communication industry or have applicable themes.

“Facebook killed TV….probably as close to the truth as you can get in three words.” ~P.G.

BP’s arrogance still irritates me.  Hubris at its most acrimonious.  Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, occasionally writes articles for the WSJ now.  An entertaining editorial about buying stock from evil companies.

Michael Schudson has written on the future of news and how entrepreneurship will fit in the puzzle.  The Columbia University professor gave his remarks in February at the USC Annenberg School. Feel free to read the article, but avoid involvement with their sports teams.

Pew Project for Excellence in Journalism: the 2010 State of the News Media report.  Enough information to keep you busy the rest of the week.

It’s back-to-school season; gear up with Mashable’s best subject-related podcasts.

A fresh-squeezed view on the housing crunch and credit crisis from unlikely sources.

From the how-life-altering-social-media-can-be files.  This makes me think twice about not being on Twitter.

Thought-provoking articles on the future of college education.  These are more conservative publications than I would usually turn too, but good articles nonetheless.

Total average cost of attendance for 4-year state and private schools have increased inordinately.  Prices are up 20% in state schools, to around $16,400, and have risen 27% for private schools, to $35,200. Kicker: these increases are within the last three years.

Roger Ebert on how blogging has allowed film criticism to blossom, sprinkled with tidbits of solid  life advice.

In the same vein, ESPN columnist Dan Shanoff on why this is the best sports media era ever.

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