Swizzle Sticks

I didn’t get the memo that my 7:45 a.m. swim interval workout would be the easiest part of my day.

More time at the Missourian this morning resulted in more frustration. Finally – after an hour and change last night, and another two hours this morning – finally, Karen, who serendipitously happened to walk into my editing room, helped me find a solution.  Three cameras, three cables, six batteries, and five minutes to spare before class, I finally had a dedicated stream of video into Final Cut Pro.

I logged my clips between the end of class and the Vox budget meeting (2 hours), and finished editing after the meeting (1.5 hours).

I can’t help but feel that I lost too much precious time in the last two days. And it sucks. No sugar-coating. Thank you for allowing me my five minutes of negativity.

On to the positives: the project turned out as I had imagined it. Video was the choice medium for this event, and hopefully the readers/viewers of the Missourian will agree.  I’m smiling as I watch the video now.

The experience was also hindered by my lack of communication. Katherine and I talked about the various aspects of print vs. video, but I failed to convey the proper information to the editors.  I was bombarded today with questions about the project.  What is it? Who’s the editor you’re reporting to? Is it standalone or is there an article? What are the pictures for? Who are you?

I put in a photo request for the Missourian, but the pictures were to be placed with my yet-to-be-written article in Vox.

Mea culpa.  Call it a learning curve, I guess.  Funny how communications students (and professionals) sometimes forget their skills and fail to communicate adequately.

The brightest silver lining for me was that, despite my immense frustrations, I encountered a handful of people in a span of 24 hours whom I might not have met so quickly.

“To be able to ask a question clearly is two-thirds of the way to getting it answered.” ~ John Ruskin

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  1. reedkath says:

    You are a natural-born blogger. Period. End of comment.

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