Snow White with Oatmeal

I spent the better part of this afternoon at a wonderful, eclectic event entitled Cycle Chic.  Unique outfits, festooned bicycles, warm sun and characters galore.  Stuff great video is made for.

I merrily marched back to the Missourian newsroom, mentally mapping my shot sequences.  Whistle-while-you-work style.

Final Cut bounced to life in the dock, and quickly informed me that the device was not detected.  I checked the back of the monitor.  I checked the DV output jack on the camera.  Everything was good to go, except that the cable was loose.  I jury-rigged the DV jack and cable with the carabiner from my truck keys.

Three clips logged later, oh!

No sound on my video.  Nobody in the newsroom could help.  Upon mentioning problems in the capture window, I received stares that suggested I spoke in Russian, and one “I haven’t worked in Final Cut in three years.” Commence staring at computer screens.

I searched and came up with the idea that, perhaps, I needed to plug earphones directly into the camera.  Nifty.  Unintuitive, but problem solved.

Cue the camera cable, still ably plugged in, to fail completely at this point.  Or so I can assume by the persistent “Device not detected” prompt Mr. Mac sent my way, despite my repeated cable-wiggling and “Check Again” clicking.

I had bunches of video on the tape; I had frustratingly few clips on the computer.  (Thank Oatmeal for the semi;colon lesson.)

It is excruciatingly annoying, vexing and irritating to have this video now sitting idly on a tape in my book bag awaiting tomorrow’s attempt to find someone to assist me with the aggravating technical issue now preventing my story from proceeding.

In related news, I’m fond of “-ing” words tonight.

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