Dr. Seuss Rap, Inc.

More doom and gloom on the economy today reminded me of last month’s cover article for Inc. magazine.

The article was one of the finest pieces I’ve read from the magazine. Here’s hoping that even a few of their suggestions for revitalizing the U.S. economy find fruition (or a least some federal funding).

I enjoy Inc. because I have little patience for those in the world who would tell me that I have to “pay my dues” before I can make any significant impact.  It would hardly surprise me if those same people are the fat cats on Wall Street who squander taxpayer money for chartered jet flights and executive bonuses that would make Nero squirm.  But maybe they aren’t.  Maybe those “no” people are just misinformed.  My generation, our generation, will change the world.

Inc. is a publication that tells me, and any other aspiring entrepreneur, “Yes, you will change the world.  Here are some resources for the journey.” It is an optimistic magazine that seamlessly balances an audience ranging from college dorm-room startups to businesses celebrating 50th anniversaries.

I’d really like to start a company that blends creative writing and my grounding in journalism with my background in marketing and advertising.  I’ve been thinking about a company to provide creative business writing services. Something along the lines of columnist Jason Fried’s article addressing good business writing.

Shakespeare’s Pizza is a great local example.  Their business writing clearly exudes the company culture and wit in a captivating form.

While we’re on the topic of interesting writing, this article from copyblogger is fantastic.  I agree with the author: Eminem doesn’t always suit my tastes.  He can be egregiously offensive, and I don’t necessarily need profanity every three seconds in my music.

Eminem is also wizard of words.

“Not only can Em craft a compelling argument in prose, he can also structure it in a way that would dazzle Dr. Seuss, not only by rhyming words that shouldn’t rhyme, but by packing more poetry into a verse than should be technically possible.”

I don’t love the artist, but I don’t hate him either. His twisting lyrics and flowing rhythms are a bit addicting, and I certainly appreciate his gift.

I’d bet he follows the 10 steps to being a better writer.

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