I’ll have a V8

There is a splinter stuck in my brain tonight, the result of a curious circumstance in a class today.  I hadn’t planned on posting, considering it be a rash judgment.  I’ve changed my mind after mulling over the situation for most of the day.

A person in class chose a rather conspicuous spot in which s/he then pursued an extraordinarily obvious means of completely ignoring the instructor.

In my mind, a “typical” student at least feigns interest and attention while in a class.  I see no point in attending a lecture only to blatantly disregard the material presented.

Then again, a “typical” student also affords a professor some base level of respect.

How silly.

The sheer arrogance is what most bothers me.  I’m picturing a V8-style knock on the head.  His/her presence in the classroom was actually worse than had s/he not shown up to class at all.

Not attending class could be construed at worst as laziness, at best as a simple miscommunication with the alarm clock.  Attending class and flagrantly flaunting some self-conceived air of superiority is downright shameful.  The brazen act offended me as a student, a scholar, and a human being.

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One Response to I’ll have a V8

  1. reedkath says:

    Me too, by the way. Thanks.

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